Prefabrication and residential housing


The development of the new E/2 Falchera district just outside Turin was part of a larger property development plan launched in 1951 and coordinated by Giovanni Astengo, under the national INA Casa reconstruction scheme to meet the need for new housing in Italy after World War II. The project to expand the original nucleus envisaged the construction of 26 new buildings: 18 five-storey terraced buildings and eight free-standing ten-storey tower blocks, for a total of 665 apartments and 3,700 rooms. These were built of reinforced concrete using the heavy prefabrication system. The Falchera satellite district, conceived as a new independent and autonomous urban centre, is one of the most significant examples of post-war architectural research in the field of low-cost housing.

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    I.A.C.P. Istituto Autonomo Case Popolari Torino

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