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The Kpong power plant, inaugurated in 1982, which uses the water of the River Volta for power generation and agricultural irrigation, marked an important step in the economic development of this African country. Built thanks to the contribution of funding by international agencies, the plant operates in parallel with and complements the larger Akosombo plant constructed by Recchi in the first half of the 1960s and located 30 km further north on the same river, where the dam created the biggest man-made lake in the world. The Kpong plant consists of a main dam in reinforced concrete with a crest length of 400 metres and a maximum height of 18 metres, two rockfill side dams, a spillway with fifteen radial gates, a hydroelectric power plant in reinforced concrete with four 40,000 KVA units, and a transformer substation. The company also took part in the construction of new residential developments for a total of one thousand housing units and in the implementation of the pilot land irrigation scheme.

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    Volta River Authority - Accra

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