V200 Masterplan

Globalisation and new markets


V200 is an ambitious urban redevelopment project launched by Turin City Council in 2012 following an international competition won by ToMake!, a multidisciplinary team led by Recchi Engineering. The long-term plan envisages redevelopment of the north-eastern part of the city over the next 20 years. The project is extremely complex, due to the size of the area concerned, almost one million square metres, and the number of stakeholders involved. V200 covers two macro areas, Vertice Nord and Regio Parco, linked by the new tree-lined boulevard (Alberata) created on top of the covered up railway trench. The redevelopment project is centred around the new Line 2 of the Metro, which will follow the existing rail route. It provides an opportunity to enhance and reorganise a fragmented urban fabric and create a link with the city centre.

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    Città di Torino

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